NSS (National Shower Spares)

The UK’s leading supplier of shower spare parts, endorsed by manufacturers, trusted by the trade


Leading the market

NSS (National Shower Spares) is the UK’s leading and most trusted supplier of shower spares - and for good reason. More than 30 manufacturers have chosen it as an official stockist, also selling accessories, new showers, pumps, taps, electricals and toilet spares.

With more than 10,000 parts available, NSS (National Shower Spares) prides itself on going the extra mile to help customers find the part they need.


Join an award winning team

Our customer team at NSS (National Shower Spares) is award winning, having helped the business become the UK’s leading supplier of show spares.

A range of customer service roles are available, including Spares Manager, and with 10,000 spares in stock their expert advice is key to the business model. Helping customers to find the part they need is what makes NSS (National Shower Spares) so popular.

As with all businesses at Highbourne Group, a friendly welcome and an inclusive and supporting environment is on offer for team members. 


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