Highbourne Group UK Tax Strategy

This UK Tax Strategy document is in relation to the year ending 31st December 2023.  It has been prepared in accordance with Tax Strategy requirements set out in FA 2016, Sch 19, Paragraph 19 and relates to all UK companies. 

Relationship with HMRC

Highbourne is committed to maintaining a strong and collaborative working relationship with HMRC. That relationship is built upon open, clear and regular communication in respect of current and future developments within the Group. 
Attitude to Tax Planning 

Highbourne is committed to complying fully with all applicable tax laws, rules and regulations. 

The Group does not engage in any transaction lacking in commercial substance.

Where an opportunity exists to grow or rationalise the Group, third party advice is always sought.  Appropriate care and due diligence is applied to all transactions.  Where a tax uncertainty arises as a result of such transactions, HMRC will be consulted to ensure any tax issue is resolved at an early stage.

Risk Management and Governance

The Group has a nominated UK Senior Accounting Officer.  Together with the Senior Leadership Team, in-house Finance, Tax and Legal Teams the Group has established sufficient and appropriate accounting policies, practices and procedures to ensure appropriate tax accounting arrangements are in place thereby enabling all tax returns to be submitted correctly and on time.

As part of the Annual Financial Audit a Risk Matrix is formed for the Group. Any identified Tax Risks are captured, prioritised, discussed and resolved.

The Group Tax Manager and Group Finance Director are tasked with the day to day implementation of the Tax Strategy. 

Level of risk the Group is prepared to accept

Highbourne is focused on a low risk Tax Strategy.