Supply Chain

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Reliable stock, fast delivery, reducing carbon miles

Our size, reach and reputation allow Highbourne Group to manage a supply chain which maximises stock availability, ensures rapid delivery and works with clients to reduce carbon emissions in the supply journey.

Four warehouses service the entire group, including our Omega warehouse in Warrington which covers 670,000 square feet and houses 15,000 lines. This enables next-day direct-to-customer delivery as well as 240 deliveries a day to branch networks.

We work with all suppliers, from small independents to big national corporate manufacturing companies, ensuring  extensive choice and end-to-end solutions. By offering tailored delivery solutions, for instance shared containers, we help clients reduce their carbon footprint.


Our warehouse management & order forecasting partner Blue Yonder

Working with our warehouse management and order forecasting partner Blue Yonder, we maximise stock availability and offer customer-specific tailored delivery options.

Stock can be delivered customer by 10am. We can also pick up stock direct from factory, negating the need for customers to organise their own transport.


Our freight partner GXO

Because we are a merchant, and not tied to individual manufacturers, we can source products from anywhere in the world. If a customer needs it, we can get it.

Working with our freight partner GXO, we deliver end to end solutions for our customers, from anywhere in the world to one of our branches or to their business.

Fast delivery is a key focus. At our Omega warehouse, customers who order by 6pm can receive their orders by 10am next day, including large items.

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Working to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain

We work in partnership with manufacturers to reduce carbon miles in the supply chain, including using empty vehicles to collect customer products direct from their factories and ensuring full loads to reduce the frequency of journeys.

We also talk to customers to analyse how they reduce their own carbon emissions. For instance, by sharing, or consolidating, containers. A tailored approach to delivery brings the best results for businesses and for the environment.

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