Moving ‘Forward Together’ with installers and suppliers of energy efficiency technologies

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Touring the UK talking heat pumps, solar PV and driving Net Zero goals

Spreading the word about alternative heat source technology, which can help drive the nation’s Net Zero goals, is crucial at a time when scientists say there is a 97% chance of the hottest year on record being broken by 2027.

That’s why Energy Efficiency at City Plumbing has joined with high profile suppliers of renewable and energy efficient technology to tour the UK, hosting trade days in 40 of our branches across the country.

The aim has been to support and inspire plumbers, installers and heating engineers as they look to transition their businesses to encompass alternative energy source heating options.

Our own research has shown that many installers have not yet transitioned their businesses or undertaken training to install heat pumps. 

But 53% said homeowners are increasingly interested in finding out about more about them, and we believe that figure will only rise,

So, it’s vital, if the country is to achieve its Net Zero goals, that we all play our part in supporting change.

That point was brought home when the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) reported in May 2023 that global temperatures are likely to surpass the key limit  of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels in the next five years.

It also suggested the highest temperature recorded in human history could be set during that time, along with the hottest year on record.

This is one of the reasons we have been hosting alternative energy source heating technology trade shows across the country on a ‘Forward Together Tour.’ 

Big-name suppliers who have joined  the tour include Vaillant, Daikin, Airflow, Worcester, Grant, Inta, Speedfit, Uponor and Maincor. And the aim, of course, is to deliver an increase in the uptake of alternative heat source technology which can help lower emissions - by inspiring and supporting the very people who install them.

Technology on show includes air source heat pumps, underfloor heating, solar thermal and solar PV, plus ASHP accessories. 

The tour has been extremely well received so far, with many plumbers, installers, heating engineers, electrical experts locked in discussion with our own experts, and with suppliers, to discuss the future of home heating.

The Tour, which began in May and continues through September, is visiting 40 City Plumbing branch locations in all. 

Attendees gain access to free unit set-up support for their first air source heat pump bought on the day (normally worth approximately £250) as well as access to experts and advice. They can also find out more about our heat pump and solar installation training courses.

For those who haven’t yet attended, the full list of venues is below.

By moving Forward Together we can help support our customers as they transition their business – and help the country to fight climate change.

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